Welcome to Light, Love and Peace. We are here in service to you to help you open your eyes to the many possibilities that are within your ability that are awaiting for you to create. In our school we gear our  classes toward opening up our students  awareness so that they can activate their psychic awareness in experiencing mindfullness and becoming aware of their intuitive capabilities. Light, Love and Peace  specializes in classes that teach how to focus those energies and use them for the highest and greatest good.  We also teach classes focusing on transmuting energies and clearing  energies from past experiences that can cause attachments to a fear based cycle that can disrupt our students abilities to use their gifts in their highest and greatest good.

Our staff is also available to give readings and soul counseling to the open public on an as needed basis. Our readings are different from that of other psychics out there because we feel that compassion is key in passing messages from spirit. We also include in our readings tools and guidelines to help our clients help themselves to become the best possible person that they can be. As in all professions as such that are in the medical field when a doctor diagnoses you he or she may not always be correct in their diagnosis or in their treatment it is as such as well in the metaphysical world. If what we are relaying to you does not resonate with you please let us know so that we may be able to go in to your energy field and look again. We will only pass on the information we are given for your highest and greatest good. We hold free will in the highest regard and will never tell you what you should or need to do. We will however suggest a course of action for you to take. Whether you decide to take what we or spirit suggests is strictly up to you. If anyone should tell you what you need to do or should do is not out for your highest and greatest good as free will is held very dear even by the Arch Angels and Ascended Masters of the higher realms.


We thank you for expressing your interest in our services and look forward to serving you in your needs.


  1. Awesome!

  2. I had the privilege to meet Sonya and Deb in January 2016 at a meet up. These two women have forever changed my life. I was in a lot of mental pain, but with love and support I was able to let go of this pain. I live a much fuller life and have made two very close friends. These ladies are as loving, caring and real as it gets! I am so blessed to have them in my life, you will be too

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