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We are pleased to announce several exciting classes on our summer and fall 2018 schedule, including an intensive reading workshop and a unique class on reading hand-drawn trees.  Register here.

About our owner, Sonya

In 2010, Sonya began in earnest an intense study of the spiritual and metaphysical, learning under a personal metaphysical coach before continuing on to graduate with Psychic and Medical Intuitive Certificates from a psychic development program.  She studied mediumship from the Accolade Academy and completed a great deal of coursework in the field of Mysticology and Spiritology.

The answers to her questions were not “out there” however.  The answers came in recognizing the core of her being, her soul, and remembering what she intuitively knew from the start.

You can find the answers to your questions too.  

Sonya's areas of expertise are Energetic Possibilities, Intuitive Readings, Tarot Card Readings, Hand Readings, Medical Health Intuitive, Psychic Detective, Channeling, Spirit Clearings, House Blessings, Soul Retrievals, as well as Energetic Cleansings and Healings. 

What it's all about

Light, Love and Peace is the place to discover possibilities, realize potential, and connect with your answers. This is what we offer:  insight and opportunity.

Everyone is intuitive.  Everyone has intuitive abilities, and we feel a Divine-driven desire to help, to lead and teach, those who recognize their potential to find their own answers and stand confidently in their own power and truth.

Whether you feel the Divine is within yourself or search for Divine guidance from the The Source, Spirit, God, Goddess, Higher Self, or Infinite Wisdom, connecting is the key in moving forward.  All beliefs are welcomed and respected.

If you want to remove blocks in your life or to simply recognize more choices in any situation, contact me today. A journey starts with a single step, let us help you take the next step into your future.

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